Not Another Toaster specialises in contemporary bridal registry and honeymoon registry services. Wedding couples create their own unique bridal registry list including gifts from any store ... anywhere. And guests can collectively contribute towards larger non conventional gifts, luxury items, honeymoon experiences, home renovations, charity groups or a combination of all of these ... and more.

Rejoice! Your guests can purchase you gifts from any store you choose. You can list gifts from department stores, hardware stores, online stores, boutiques and galleries. No restrictions, you both list the gifts you want.

A traditional gift list with something extra .... the ability to list gifts from everywhere. List linen from your preferred supplier, crockery from your favourite department store, and your appliances from a wholesaler. Who knows, you may just need another toaster? Your guests can purchase exactly what you need from where you need it.

Celebrating your honeymoon beachside? Guests can purchase components of your beachside dream honeymoon such as your luxurious accommodation and/or airfares to your romantic destination.

Do you both enjoy a good bottle of red? Or perhaps you have a library of old and rare books? And would you both really appreciate more bottles of wine for your growing cellar or books for library? Asking your guests to purchase gifts towards your favourite collections is a fantastic way to add to your collection as well as receive gifts that you love from your guests.

If you both share a passion for art and have a piece of work that is significant to you both then listing this significant piece may well be the perfect gift registry for you!

If the beachside romantic honeymoon isn't quite your style , then why not list honeymoon adventure gifts such as elephant rides, jungle tours, camping trips, mountain climbs, or treks. Adventurous gifts for an adventurous couple.

If you are saving for your first home then you why not list your home deposit as your registry? Or, if you already own your home and are planning renovations then your guests can purchase renovation tools such as paint, floorboards, plaster, bathroom fittings, plants, light shades and any other items you need included in your registry list.

No matter what fun activities you are planning on your honeymoon, you can list these as items your registry and your guests can purchase them as their gifts to you. Just imagine gifts like snorkelling, swimming with dolphins, scuba diving and fishing. Let your guests give you your dream honeymoon!

Why not list one special item that all of your guests can contribute towards? Larger more expensive gifts such as a dining suite, are not affordable for one guest, however all of your guests collectively could give you the one special thing you both would love.

Honeymoon day trips such as visits to museums, landmark attractions and famous buildings and monuments are exciting moments on any honeymoon and fun gifts for guests to purchase.

List gifts of donations to your favourite charity on your registry. A wonderful way of 'giving back' and asking guests to donate to an important cause.

You both know what you want from your guests. Create your own custom gift registry with Not Another Toaster. Your online gift registry with your perfect gifts. Your guests will love your Not Another Toaster bridal registry and the gift giving experience.

Unique online gift registry

The Not Another Toaster online gift registry is unique to the industry. It is world famous and offers couples and guests an experience like no other.

You can finally get the home of your dreams. With guest contributions to modern home improvements, Not Another Toaster is the registry to remember.

Not Another Toaster allows you to build your registry in the comfort of your own home. It is simple, fast and fun!

Need a new couch or modern TV? Not Another Toaster allows your guests to contribute to large household items.

Love Skiing? Why not use Not Another Toaster for the ultimate overseas snow honeymoon. Your guests can purchase lessons, lift passes, and more ...

Guests love buying dinners out. You can take a photo of the night and include it in your thank you note.

Not Another Toaster is fun for you and your guests. Whatever you decide to use Not Another Toaster for, you and your guests will love it!