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Couple FAQs

+ How much does it cost?
Price We charge wedding couples a once only fee of $150.00 AUD. This fee includes Not Another Toaster bridal registry cards to include with invitations. There are no additional fees for couples and no fees for transferring gift contributions.
  • Personalised professional registry cards for guests (as many as you need at no extra cost);
  • Distribution of hard copy registries for guests (non internet savvy guests);
  • Telephone/online customer service and support for wedding couples and guests;
  • Registry setup support;
  • Total registry management from conception to settlement;
  • Guest management including follow up of guests with outstanding purchases;
  • Telephone/post/fax/online gift purchasing support;
  • We offer several purchase options. Purchase fees for guests start at 2% of total purchase value with an additional 1.5% for credit card purchases.
Here at Not Another Toaster our long standing experience and customer service is unrivalled in the industry. We understand your bridal registry needs are unique, and we understand how to support your guests. And, as a bonus, we are the most simple, convenient and time efficient gift giving service for you and your guests.

NAT TIP: A competitor website is deliberately misinforming couples about our fees (despite us informing them that our fees are listed incorrectly on their website they are refusing to correct them). Please read the information above, check our facebook reviews from couples who state there are no hidden fees and contact us if you have any further questions or would like to know which competitor is being dishonest (in case you are thinking of using their service!).
+ How are you different from other traditional registry services?
Not Another Toaster is the original concept registry service. We host wedding couples' self-created registry allowing couples to create their ultimate gift list based on what they need and their current life situation. Some ideas for registry gift lists include:

Honeymoon registries
Wedding couples break their honeymoon down into meaningful gifts for wedding guests to purchase. We have introduced a new element in the gift giving experience and intimate honeymoon indulgences such as in room massages and romantic dinners, or adventures such as scuba diving and deep sea fishing are now gifts available for purchase by wedding guests.

Luxury Item registries
Wedding couples list their ultimate luxury purchases, such as that new flat screen TV, piece of art from the local gallery, or bottles to add to the wine collection (or all of the above).

Home Renovation registries
For wedding couples who already own their own homes. Listed gifts can include new floorboards, carpet, paint, or landscape gardening

Traditional registries
Guests can list traditional gifts such as towels, linen, crockery, cutlery, glassware, appliances and even a toaster! The difference is that gifts can be listed from any store anywhere including online stores and couples do not need to be locked into selecting gifts from just one store location.

Donations to charity
Social justice and awareness is important to us all. Donations to charities such as the Heart Foundation, RSPCA, Cancer Council, MS, Make a wish, Guide dog foundation etc can all be included in our registries.

We offer wedding guests the opportunity to purchase the wedding couple the perfect wedding gift. Purchasing is simple, convenient and all completed from the comfort of the guest's home. Not Another Toaster is proud to be an independent registry service with no affiliations with any travel agents or department stores. Providing our wedding couples with the complete freedom to list gifts from anywhere. To learn more please view our overview videoOverview video
+ What if we have already booked our honeymoon?
Not Another Toaster is not a travel agent. We host your registry only. Couples can book their honeymoon through any travel agent allowing them to find the best deals and at any time leading up to their wedding.
+ What if our guests don't purchase all our listed gifts?
It is always best to presume that the guests will not contribute the full cost of items on your bridal registry. Be prepared to contribute the short fall your guests may not cover. For couples who use their honeymoon as their bridal registry, most travel agents require both a deposit to book your honeymoon and full payment of your honeymoon 30-45 days before your travel date which is usually well before the closure of your bridal registry. For couples who use luxury items or home renovations as their bridal registry, be prepared to pay the shortfall on lay-bys and labour costs.
+ What if we have to postpone/cancel our wedding or honeymoon?
In the unfortunate situation that your wedding and/or honeymoon needs to be postponed or cancelled, please let us know. We will immediately close your registry (to your guests) and forward your gift contributions to you (less 150.00 set up fee). All your guest purchase details are stored in your bridal registry profile so you can refund gifts to your guests. We do not charge any additional cancellation fees.
+ Is this site safe? Can my guests purchase on line securely?
Yes this site is secure and safe to pay with credit card on line. Information on Not Another Toaster is transmitted using SSL encryption technology for all transactions. This process encrypts your billing information including your credit card number before it travels over the Internet. This is an industry standard for secure on line transactions. No credit card numbers are stored on our site. At the time of purchase, all credit card numbers are passed to the bank via an encrypted link and not stored on our site. This ensures your credit card details remain private and secure. Guests can pay via direct deposit, cheque, money order or Pay Pal if they prefer.
+ Can we see what our guests purchased?
Yes. All your guest details are stored in your bridal registry profile. Each guest must sign your bridal registry guest book. And each guest message is linked back to the gift they purchased, and the value of the gift. We keep each wedding couples bridal registry profile open (we only close the bridal registry guest access at settlement). So wedding couples always have access to their bridal registry list and guest messages and gift purchases for the purposes of 'thank yous' and for keepsake.
+ What payment options are available to our wedding guests?
Wedding guests accessing your list via the web can purchase gifts online via credit card, direct deposit, mail order, personal cheque, Paypal and telephone. Wedding guests purchasing off hardcopy lists can purchase via telephone, post, fax, and email.

All guests are issued with receipts upon successful purchase of their gifts.
+ Do you support my international guests?
Yes, international guests can purchase in the same way as your local guests. We do not have any additional charges for your international guests.
+ Do you provide registry cards for our invites?
Yes. Registry cards are included in the set up fee. And wedding couples can order as many as they need (no restriction on how many can be ordered)

Our registry cards are professional, simple and elegant, designed to compliment all types of wedding stationery. If you prefer a closer look, register with Not Another Toaster today (obligation free). Life like sample cards can be viewed in your registry profile (must register to access registry profile). Or you can request that sample cards be posted to you.
+ What about my guests who are not computer literate?
Guests not computer literate or who prefer to talk to someone about their purchase can call our dedicated team on our hotlines. We have a 1300 number for Australian guests, a toll free number for NZD guests, London number for our UK guests, and a Californian number for our USA guests. We will post, fax, or email copy registries to these guests depending on their preference. Or we can talk them through the gift list over the telephone. Our service is up to each guest.
+ How do you send us the gifts our guests purchased?
We transfer registry contributions in to the wedding couples' nominated bank account. This way you have access to your funds as soon as possible. We do also offer payment by cheque however most clients prefer direct deposit.
+ What do the registry cards look like?
Our registry cards are simple and elegant, designed to compliment all types of wedding stationery. If you prefer a closer look, register with Not Another Toaster today (obligation free) and request sample cards to be sent to you.
+ What currencies do you support?
Australian dollars (AUD) only.
+ Where is our gift money held?
All gift monies contributed are held in Not Another Toaster's trust account. At the settlement of your registry money is withdrawn from this account and forwarded to you.
+ When do you close our registry?
We encourage wedding couples to leave their registry open for up to one week after their wedding. However it is up to each couple when they would like their registry closed.
+ How do we organise settlement of our bridal registry?
We provide each wedding couple with a form to complete advising their bridal registry settlement instructions. As a general rule, couples provide dates for two gift 'transfers' and the final transfer is the date that the bridal registry is closed to wedding guests (bridal registry profiles remain open for wedding couples). Dates and transfer methods are flexible and at the discretion of the wedding couple.
+ We would like to use Not Another Toaster. How do we go from a trial to live registry?
Your sample registry becomes your real registry. All the details remain the same. When you are ready to "go live" simply click on the button Ready to Go Live - "SIGN UP".

Do you require registry cards? If so, please order them by logging into your profile and going to the "Cards" link at the top of the page. From there you can order registry cards. We will then send you a "Welcome pack" which has all the information required. If you do not require registry cards let us know and we'll email you the welcome pack. Once you receive the welcome pack your sample registry is live.

Guest FAQs

+ How do I access the gift list?
You can login to the registry list using the username and password details on your bridal registry card. If you do not have this card please contact us and we can provide login details. If you would prefer to have the list posted/faxed/emailed to you, please call us and we can organise this for you.
+ What payment options are available to me?
Gifts can be purchased off the bridal registry online via credit card, direct deposit, mail order, personal cheque, Paypal and telephone. Gifts can be purchased off hardcopy lists via telephone, post, fax, and email.
+ What if I don't want to purchase a gift via credit card on line?
That's fine. You can still purchase off the registry on line. Simply nominate to purchase the gift via direct deposit, personal cheque, or money order. Or if you prefer, you can call us to make payment over the telephone.
+ Are there any purchase costs?
We offer several purchase options. Purchase fees start at 2% of total purchase value with additional 1.5% for credit card purchases.
+ Will I receive confirmation of my purchase?
Yes we will provide you with a receipt for your purchase once payment has been accepted. If payment is made via credit card on line then receipts are available at the time of purchase for successful transactions.
+ What if I don't have the wedding couple's login details or I have lost my registry card?
Please call us or contact us via email, we will assist you.